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∙          Schedule an Education Success Consultation and take a tour of Crest Lane School (CLS) to see all that it has to offer.  We can schedule a time that is convenient for you.

∙          Our school is open to eligible children on a non-discriminatory basis. No child will be excluded on the basis of race, gender, national origin, ancestry, or religious affiliation.

∙          Read through the entire Admissions policy before proceeding with enrollment.

∙          The Crest Lane School welcomes students who desire a quality education in an environment that is maintained in accordance with Biblical standards and who are willing to commit to supporting the principles and standards of the school as outlined in this Handbook.

∙          Parents will need to support the principles and objectives of the school.

∙          Students may be tested to aid in selecting the proper grade for his/her success.

∙          All students will be accepted only by action of the School Board after formal application is completed

∙          All previous accounts must be properly arranged for through the Treasurer/Finance Committee before completing registration.

∙          Special Admissions:

Crest Lane SDA School is not equipped to deal with consistently disruptive students or students with serious academic challenges and needs. However, when a student with behavioral problems or special academic needs, applies for admission, the following procedures will be carried out to best meet the need of the child:

1)      The parents/guardian of a student who has a history of educational, behavioral, or emotional difficulties have a responsibility to inform the Head Teacher. This is understood to include any pertinent evaluations which may have been completed concerning the child in previous years of schooling or any testing which may have been conducted privately;

2)      The School Board may choose to grant admission on a probationary/contract basis for thirty (30) days to determine if  the school can best fill the child’s needs. Under this special admission, a contract will be drawn up between the school, student, and parents. The contract will outline specific expectations for performance and results for failure to follow contract guidelines;

3)      During this probationary period, the school has the right to deny admission to the child, and;

4)      Even after this probationary period, the school reserves the right to dismiss a child if the school determines that it unable to meet the needs of the child.

  • ∙          Submit all necessary forms.

  • A.   New Students:

    _____1. Application

    ____ 2. Confidential recommendation form completed by a former principal or teacher

    _____ 3. Request for student records – an official copy of the transcript must be included.

    _____ 4. Copy of Social Security Card

    _____ 5. Copy of Birth Certificate

    _____ 6. Complete, current/updated immunization records (entering and 7th grade)

    _____ 7. Medical examination form

    B.   All Students:

    _____ 8. Non-refundable registration fee

    _____ 9. A signed Testing Consent form

    _____ 10. Completed Financial Agreement form.

    _____ 11. Emergency Information form

    _____ 12. Consent to Treatment form signed by parent/guardian

    _____ 13. Field Trip Consent

    _____ 14. Computer/Internet Agreement form and Social Media Policy

    _____ 15. Library/Textbook Lending Agreement

    _____ 16. Photo/Video Release