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Citrus Fundraising

 Fresh Florida Citrus

From the grove to you. Fresh, sweet, juicy taste. Share the sunshine
Great Fruit for a Great cause!


Crest Lane School offers fresh Florida Citrus fruit beginning in November each year. 

Fruit available

Florida Naval Oranges: Large, fun to eat oranges, mildly flavored, usually seedless, easy to peel and section.
Ruby Red Grapefruit: Pink to red color inside, medium to large grapefruit with few seeds and lots of juice, easy to peel and section.
Tangerines: Sweet and tart flavor, small in side, contains seeds, but is extremely easy to peel.
Honeybell Tangelos: Red-orange in color, medium to large size, excellent taste, very, very, juicy, few seeds, thick, easy to peel skin.
Variety Pack: Contains Tangerines, Navels and Grapefruit.

 Our Ci
trus Fruit program depends on you picking up the fruit you ordered on the designated pick-up date – usually a Sunday.   

In past months, we have saved them longer than the pick-up date and they have started to spoil so PLEASE pick them up on the designated day.  

We will no longer save them to be picked up on a different day/week.

If they are not picked up promptly on the designated pick-up Sunday, they will be sold to another customer.  

Thanks for your understanding & cooperation. 

Thank you so much for supporting Crest Lane School by participating in the Citrus Fruit Fundraising program this year. We hope everyone has enjoyed the fruit they ordered. 

Hope to see you again in November. 

Thank you for your support,
Velia Martinez,
Home & School Leader

Jackie Gonzalez,
Head teacher